Find docx files on internet and download.

Docx Search is a document search engine that enables you to find word documents and docx format files uploaded anywhere on internet. This documents search engine can be used to find and download docx files.

Download Docx Documents from Internet

Docx files are rich text files that are created using Microsoft Word Software. There are millions of documents uploaded on internet that are publicly accessible and ready to download. These documents are uploaded on different sites so sometimes the right document is hard to find. Find Do

How to Convert Docx to Pdf file

Docx files are editable text file whereas PDF files are not editable easily. So if you want to protect your finalised Docx file from unintentional changes then it is a good idea to covert your final docx file to pdf for printing or just to sent it to someone.  Pdf files are printed b

How to Find Text in Docx File MS Word

MS Word can be intimidating at first for new users due to so many options and buttons. As more text is added to the document it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of changes and words you add to the document. Or maybe if you are reading a really long text file on MS Word written in docx

How to open docx files without word

Files with .docx extension are Microsoft word files that usually contain rich text, images, tables and other objects. These files are used to create rich text documents. Most of the rich text editors can create and open docx files. Microsoft Word is widely used to create, open and edit Docx files