Find docx files on internet and download.

Docx Search is a document search engine that enables you to find word documents and docx format files uploaded anywhere on internet. This documents search engine can be used to find and download docx files.

Download Docx Documents from Internet

Docx files are rich text files that are created using Microsoft Word Software. There are millions of documents uploaded on internet that are publicly accessible and ready to download. These documents are uploaded on different sites so sometimes the right document is hard to find.

Find Document Online

Google search indexes and displays docx files in its search results for some queries but it is usually dominated by html sites so if you want to just look for docx files then you have to use Google's advance search tools to look only for files with docx extension.

Files Search Engine

The Docx Files search tool on this site saves you the trouble of fiddling with Google's Advance Search queries and automates the process for you. So enter the title or keywords of the docx document you want to download in the search box on this site and you will see a list of search results related to your query. All the search results displayed will be docx file links that you can just download by opening the link. Once you open the link the docx file will be downloaded directly to your downloads folder. You can open and edit the downloaded files in your text editor.

1. Enter the query in the Docx Search.

2. Search results related to your query will be displayed containing only doc or docx files.

3. Click on the link to download the file.

Google Advance Search for documents

If you prefer to use Google to search for documents then you can use special queries to filter out the unwanted results. Enter your query in the Google search in the following format to get only docx or doc files in the search result. This is similar to the search results provided by

" Your Query" filetype:docx

the filetype: parameter defines the file format of the search results and filters out all searches that don't meet the criteria of this file type.