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How to Find Text in Docx File MS Word

MS Word can be intimidating at first for new users due to so many options and buttons. As more text is added to the document it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of changes and words you add to the document. Or maybe if you are reading a really long text file on MS Word written in docx format. Sometimes you just need to skim the document or look for a specific information in the file so there is no need to read the entirity of long documents. MS Word has a neat function that helps you find the exact word in a document by just using the "Find" function.

There are two ways you can find a text or word in MS Word docx file; one is the shortcut command and other is using the Find button in the menu.

The shortcut command is the easier and used often to quickly lookup text or heading within a topic to jump directly to exact content that you want to read in the document.

Press the Control and F keys on your keyboard simultaneously " CTRL + F " and  the Find dialogue box will open where you can just type the exact text you want to find and then click find to lookup the word in docx file. 

The find dialogue box can also be activated by using the Find button on top right menu of the MS Word editor where you have openned the file. 

Ctrl + F also usually works on all docx files readers in case you aren't using microsoft's official docx editor and reader.